“Democracy won”, “not an easy task” …: enthusiastic press after Biden’s swearing in

Kamala Harris’s swearing-in was also widely commented on by the press.

“Democracy has won”. The press is unanimous this Thursday morning after the swearing in of Joe Biden, this Wednesday evening.

“The US president is tweeting, and it’s not in capital letters. This is a detail that says a lot about the return to normality across the Atlantic, but also about the deep and intense relief that this is so “notes for example Le Soir, which nevertheless recalls in its editorial that” Trumpism, for its part, has not said his last word. “

“Democracy is precious and fragile but has won” also notes La Libre which uses the words of President Biden. But the hardest part begins for the Democrat notes the daily, referring to the political, health and economic crises. “Joe Biden will not have it easy, however. Never has a president been confronted with such formidable obstacles since Franklin D. “

In France, the daily “Le Figaro” writes that “the world is right side up” the day after the swearing-in of the president and vice-president. In their editorial, the newspaper recalls that Joe Biden is pragmatic and that he will not go back on certain subjects. “Joe Biden is an old-school liberal internationalist, coupled with a realist skeptical of big interventionist plans. Despite his “moral compass”, he is not a missionary to democracy. “

Another element highlighted by many newspapers, the presence, in the foreground of the women during the ceremony. “Joe Biden was sworn in, but women stole the show from him,” even indicates the Flemish daily Het Laaste Nieuws. His wife Jill Biden, Lady Gaga and this 22-year-old poet, Amanda Gorman and obviously Kamala Harris, first female vice-president.

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