Demonstrations against the Global Security Act in France: 95 arrests and 67 police injured

In Paris, where the violence and degradation were the most important, 48 police and gendarmes were injured, said the Minister of the Interior on Twitter.

A firefighter was also injured in the capital by projectile jets, according to a police source.

In total, 26 adults and three minors were placed in police custody in Paris, in particular for “participation in a group formed for the commission of violence”, “carrying a weapon” and “insulting”, according to a latest report established Sunday evening by the prosecution.

A person is concerned by “willful violence against a person holding public authority,” added the prosecution.

Sunday evening, three police custody were still in progress.

Five people came out with a summons before the criminal court, including three after a deferral, and before the police court. Twelve reminders to the law, five of which were accompanied by a deferral, were pronounced as well as five dismissals and a criminal order.

The outcome of the three minors’ custody was not communicated.

According to a source close to the file, the arrests of the 29 people then placed in police custody took place mainly at the start of the demonstration. The identification of the individuals at the origin of the most violent incidents, especially at the end of the afternoon, was still underway Sunday evening.

In Nantes, where violence was also committed, four police officers and a gendarme were injured, one of them by a molotov cocktail, according to a report communicated by the Loire-Atlantique prefecture.

“Even today, it is police officers who are heavily injured, burned by incendiary devices to their hands and face,” denounced in a press release Arnaud Bernard, deputy regional secretary for the west zone of the Alliance union, classified on the right.

“Strangely, no self-righteous person or lesson-giver speaks out about violence against the police,” regretted Mr. Bernard. “Our two colleagues almost went there,” he told ..

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