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Stefanos Tatsios

14/Jan/21 19:42

Stefanos Tatsios

The first week that Primary Schools, Kindergartens and Nurseries were opened has not yet been completed and already departments and entire schools have been closed due to cases of coronavirus.

The Eurohoops Team /

The opening of everyday life started with problems despite the existence of the lockdown in our country, since in the schools that started operating again, cases of the coronavirus pandemic were observed.

According to the OPEN report, at least a double-digit number of school groups across the country (Primary, Kindergartens, Nurseries) that started operating from 11/1 were closed either in classes or completely due to cases of teachers, students and employees.

At the same time, it should be emphasized that everything shows that from Monday, January 18, the retail businesses will open with strict measures and this will be another test, so that at some point the second lockdown in our country, which has exceeded in two months, will end. .

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