Deportivo-Fuenlabra: The RFEF instructor proposes to Competition the precautionary measure of loss of the match to Fuenlabrada

Deportivo-Fuenlabra The barracks leaves Elche in the promotion playoff and the decision rests with Competition

He Instructor of Record that has opened the Spanish Soccer Federation For the match between Deportivo and Fuenlabrada, he has proposed Competition Committee the precautionary measure that the Madrid team was considered lost.

In this way, if the proposal of the examining judge was approved, it would be ruled out to play the next day 2 in Riazor as the Fuenlabrada players had requested. In addition, if the Elche will play the playoff as sixth classified (those of Pacheta will be measured at Zaragoza). The other semi-final tie will be Almera-Girona.

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In principle, the committee of Competition has until this Friday at noon to ratify or reject the judge’s proposal instructor. At that time and if it is granted, the schedule can be set for the promotion playoff. A circumstance that will depend on the evolution of the health situation of Zaragoza and Almera. The report also leaves a possible further penalty in the air.

From the report it is detailed that the schedule was unified and the serious infractions of the Madrid club. In the writing it is emphasized that the players are not aware of the outbreak until four hours before the game. From the Federation talks about a real concealment of events and manifests the health situation by the club.

In the proposal they explain the reasons why the party should not be played. “Given the circumstances caused by the performance of the club, the immediate consequence is that the expediente now have an advantage when knowing the results obtained by their rivals in the fight for the playoffs and facing a relegated rival, “reads part of the instructor’s report Esteban Daz Snchez.

The instructor points out that Saturday July 18 Fuenlabrada was already aware of the existence of at least one positive and that on the morning of the 20th, before traveling to A Corua, the number had increased to four. That same afternoon, the lab reported eight more positives on the expedition.

The writing states that “communication should have been established with the health authorities and with the Monitoring Commission for COVID-19 RFEF-LNFP (with the presence of CSD), in order to be able to assess the situation from a competitive and health point of view, and take the most appropriate decision and in accordance with the integrity of the competition. However, not only did he not communicate well in advance, but the information transferred was partial, therefore, the Commission was deprived of fundamental data to make its decision. “

The judge reasons the reasons for your decision: “There are teams pending to play, training, with risk exposed to the health of their technical body while the situation is clarified and clarified.” It also highlights the complicated epidemiological situation of the country.

What remains in the air, still, is the hypothetical administrative decline from Fuenlabrada. The judge has already alerted of the serious infractions of the Fuenla among which was the one of “fraud to the competition, attempting against the safeguard of good sports order, the integrity and purity of the competition, and to the correct development of sports shows with risks for spectators or participants, all of them behaviors typified in the Disciplinary Code of the Royal Spanish Soccer Federation “.

At Fuenlabrada keep calm. The news in the health section is good and the club remains convinced that they will be able to play. “We are very calm and it does not take us by surprise”, antan from the Madrid club. And they are convinced that They will turn the situation around.

The reasons why in Fuenlabrada they believe that the proposal of the investigating judge will not go ahead they are three.

In the first place, the instructor’s writing states that they do not communicate the positives to the health authorities (in that case it will be to the Community of Madrid) and it is the proper Vice President Ignacio Aguado who affirms that the laboratory communicated it.

In the second instance they consider that point out that there is no communication to the template does not conform to reality. They stress that it is false because they have contributed a document signed by the captain saying I know there was such a communication.

Finally they point out from the club that a misinterpreted doctor’s certificate is providedand they also “forget” to say that followed LaLiga instructions and that therefore this institution is largely responsible.