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The Chamber of Deputies is preparing to resume activity before the end of the first month of the year with an eye on the economy. At the explicit request of President Alberto Fernández, two projects that already have the approval of the Senate would be included in the summer agenda, in addition to economic initiatives: judicial reform and modification of the Organic Law of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The strengthening of the sustainability of the public debt, the extension of the Biofuels Regime and the financing of the Science and Technology system are some of the projects that would have priority on the lower house’s agenda.

The first two texts, which already have half approval from the Senate, are expected to gather strong backing even from the opposition, as seen in the upper house. It is worth remembering that strengthening the sustainability of public debt establishes that public debt negotiations that are carried out with any type of international financing, including agreements with the IMF, They must have a prior endorsement by Congress. Meanwhile, the extension of the promotion for the sustainable production and use of biofuels in the territory of the Argentine Nation (Law 26,093) is set until the end of 2023.

« On the 15th there could be a call for commissions to hold sessions on the 18th, 19th or 20th, » parliamentary sources told El Cronista. In that same session, the ruling party takes for granted that Deputies would advance with the initiative that establishes the financing of the national system of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation. The objective of the project is to go from 0.28% of GDP forecast for 2021 to 1% of GDP in 2032, with a progressive financing curve.

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The ruling party has in its portfolio about twenty projects to be dealt with during the extraordinary session at the request of the Executive. Among them, the one that seeks, by means of laundering, « to promote the construction of houses by allowing those who have unbleached money to launder it for that purpose, deducting personal property so that they can invest that money and convert financial savings into construction of households ». This is how the President himself described it.

This initiative, which bears the stamp of the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán, was presented in October, together with a law to create a Mortgage Credit Coverage and Promotion System, but they were never discussed. The objective of the ruling party is to raise both issues in extraordinary sessions.

Another text promoted by the Executive in recent days and that will also have priority in extraordinary is the one that proposes an increase of 35.3% for the fees and for the Monotax scales.


In a toast at the end of the year, the head of state rushed the deputies to advance with two judicial projects that were turned over by the Senate. This is the so-called judicial reform that seeks to dilute the power currently concentrated in the 12 courts of Comodoro Py and the one that modifies, among other items of the Organic Law of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the majority necessary for the appointment of the Attorney General of the nation. It is about the position – which Eduardo Casal occupies on an interim basis – whose candidate is Judge Daniel Rafecas, but whose specifications remain untreated in the upper house.

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