Despite the controversy, Thierry Baudet remains at the head of the Dutch Forum for Democracy

Three-quarters of members voted to remain at their helm, the party announced on Twitter. Over 80% of party members participated in the vote. The referendum did not go smoothly, however, and several personalities from the FVD opposed it.

Thierry Baudet therefore remains party leader, divided to the bone. Three of the five members of the Forum office had asked him to leave the party leadership. Thierry Baudet had already resigned from the presidency of the FVD following a scandal arising from the publication of anti-Semitic, Nazi and homophobic messages in online groups of the JFVD, the party’s youth movement.

The three MEPs of the party have already announced that they are breaking with the FVD, with the retention of Mr. Baudet as leader. They will now sit independently.

Some party members have also indicated that they will go to court to counter the referendum, which they consider invalid because it would not respect party rules. Any opponents would also not have had time to present themselves.

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