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Respawn Entertainment wants to make a new IP | Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment, developer of « Apex Legends », could be working on a new IP.

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This is according to a now-deleted job listing from the company, as discovered by Video Games Chronicle. Respawn stated that it was looking for a « Generalist software engineer » to join his « new IP incubation team. » However, details about the project remain scant, apart from a reference to « New and practical technologies to enable » adventures forever. « 

The new IP would be Respawn’s second original IP, after « Titanfall », in which it is established « Apex Legends ». Besides their games « Titanfall », the developer worked on « Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order » of the 2019, as well as 2020 Medal of Honor: Adove and Beyond.

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The developer is also reportedly looking to expand « Apex Legends  » beyond your current Battle Royale gameplay. Grenier said in November that his team is currently focusing on ways to « expand » the game in terms of « New players, new platforms and new ways to play Apex ».

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