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Silvia Abascal, Carlos Hipólito … the new additions of ‘Cuéntame’ on their journey to the future

Tell me how it happened returns this Thursday with a season number 21 that shows once again that the longest-running series on Spanish television has a lot of bellows. This edition of the fiction will begin in 1992, a key year in the history of our country with the Seville Expo and the Barcelona Olympic Games, but there will also be a flashforward to 2020 to show how the Alcántara have experienced the pandemic. For this reason, some of the characters will appear aged and others will be completely new to fiction. One of the surprises is that the role of Carlos Alcántara, the third son of Antonio and Mercedes, will return, but it will not be played by Ricardo Gómez but by Carlos Hipólito, who narrates the fiction from the first chapter. – Which actor from ‘Cuéntame’ has become a scriptwriter for the series? VIEW GALLERY CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW THE PHOTO GALLERY In 2020, Carlos Alcántara has returned from New York and is now taking care of Mercedes (Ana Duato). The actor Carlos Hipólito, who for twenty years has narrated the thoughts and experiences of the Alcántara family, like Carlitos, being the voice-over, has said excitedly: “I’m very happy to finally appear on the screen!” As he has revealed, the possibility that the last chapter of the series had its moment had always been raised, but now the occasion, which seeks to narrate one of the most important moments in our history, has been the ideal one for him to interpret to the character who left the series two seasons ago. And, regarding the filming, he explained that he is “feeling a huge emotion.” “I think the audience will recognize the character of Carlos in me,” he added. For her part, María (played in these scenes by Silvia Abascal), the youngest of the Alcántara family, works in a hospital together with her husband Jorge (Martxelo Rubio), also a doctor, on the front line against COVID-19. We will also see Anna Allen, who will reincarnate the same character she played years ago, Marta Altamira. Toni Alcántara will face adventures in the next chapters in which he agrees again with her, a character familiar to fans of the series. His return opens paths, both in the professional future, and in his relationship with Déborah (Paloma Bloyd), who gets a professional opportunity. In addition, Francisco Reyes will play the role of Iván, Catalina’s ex-husband (Natalia Millán); Lola Baldrich will be Helena, the new manager of the neighborhood hairdresser, and Pablo Álvarez will give life to Álex, her son, a stray bullet that reflects the transgressive spirit of the nineties. The grandchildren of Antonio and Mercedes have grown up, so Borja Fano will be Oriol and Santi will be played by Jan Cornet. VIEW GALLERY In 1992, life for the Alcántara was different. The action begins with the focus on a Spain that is heading by high-speed train to the Expo and the Olympic Games. A period of optimism, where Spaniards feel proud of the great events of the year. However, that’s the kindest part. And it is also a year where headlines abound about the rise of AIDS, cases of corruption and an economic crisis that manifests itself in strikes such as that of the cleaning services in Madrid.

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