The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Prophecy) assured that there is no justification for increasing the price of corn tortilla. This after an association of producers announced increases, that although they do not represent the generality, at the moment an unjust increase is allowed, other producers will follow the “bad example”, Profeco said.

He price average of kilo of tortilla nationwide is 15.80 pesos, according to the monitoring of the Who’s Who in Prices program, so it is important that consumers take it as the reference price to avoid abuse.

The Profeco called to denounce. Photo: Reforma

“It is a fact that they do not have a pretext to raise it, corn has not risen and even transport, which has a direct influence on the price, even gasoline has a lower price,” Profeco said in a statement.

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The dependence called to report the abuse, since it is empowered to apply fines of up to 100 percent of the sale value of some distributors or producers, in case of unjustified increases.

Complaints can be made through the Consumer Telephone 55 5568 8722, 800 468 8722 and the email

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