Did you know that making mirrors was incredibly easy and spectacular? Watch the process in this video

Items as simple and common as mirrors are part of our daily lives. Although everyone knows them, few know how they are made. It is a scientific process that requires a chemical reaction. It is a simple science, but seen in a video it is spectacular.

We use them in the morning as we get ready to go to work, college or school. They are present in the cars with the function of assisting you as mirrors. And they are even found in large buildings that serve as an ornament for majestic engineering works.

That is, the mirrors range from the smallest to the macro. Its manufacturing process, when completed, looks like an act of magic. So, we explain what it takes to make one, be careful, without encouraging you to try it at home.

The first thing experts do is prepare a chemical reaction of silver nitrate with pure ammonia with terium tin oxide. This generates a brown liquid that serves as a catalyst that they combine with deionized (mineral-free) water.

The result is poured onto a smooth glass surface and thus the famous mirror is born. Tin or copper is essential to prevent the item from rusting later. Remember that when you are combining liquid with metals this is a possibility.