Diego asks for a bonfire of confrontation in ‘The island of temptations’: “He will see everything”

This Monday, Telecinco broadcast the debate of The island of temptations. Since the program began, Sandra Barneda announced that, at 1:15 a.m., viewers could know the name of the person who requested a bonfire of confrontation. It was a real unknown, since there are several couples who might have the need to see each other to clarify things.

For example, Raúl, who is increasingly insecure about the relationship between Claudia and Toni; Lucía, who recently saw how Manuel committed a double infidelity in one night; or Jesus, who knows that his former girlfriend, Marina, is practically dating someone else (Isaac).

However, it was not any of them, but Diego. Lola’s boyfriend is the one who will try to clear things up with one of the most unstable contestants in the world. reality. And, the young woman entered while declaring that her greatest concern was lose his dog Horus if he disappointed Diego.

Then the intensity of the Italian collaborated in stirring the feelings of Lola, who declared that she had realized that she was in love with Diego and that he wanted to burn one last cartridge with him … until, shortly after, and being in bed with Lucía and Carlos, he began to have relations with him under the sheets.

For its part, Diego justified his approach to the girls of the village with the contact between Simone and his girlfriend Lola, and also fell into temptation with two of the girls. Now, he will try to talk things over with his girlfriend at a bonfire in which Sandra Barneda has already announced that “everything will be seen”.

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