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Arrived in 2011 in Spain, Diego Simeone took the reins of Atlético Madrid. The requirement of the hot South American upset the club, which has since become a major in Europe.

Atlético Madrid fell this weekend. Beaten for the first time this season in the league, the leader of La Liga stumbled against Levante (0-2). A small earthquake since Diego Simeone’s men had not bowed at home since December 1, 2019 in all competitions. At the same time, Filipe Luis, current Flamengo player passed, by Atlético from 2010 to 2014 and from 2015 to 2019, gave an interview about the famous Argentinian coach.

It is in the columns of Dailymail that the ex-Brazilian international discussed Diego Simeone at length. The left-back is full of praise for the Colchoneros technician, who according to him, has completely changed the club: “When he took over in 2011, the team was four points from relegation and he clinched a place in the Europa League the same season. He turned them into monsters. This is what they are now. This success has a name: Diego Simone ”.

“About 120 players have joined the club since his arrival. Some came as stars and did not perform, others arrived without status and became stars. It is a huge achievement. And he doesn’t waste time, ever. He will never train for fun, ”adds Filipe Luis. Antoine Griezmann, Jan Oblak or José Maria Gimenez arrived in Madrid under Simeone without the star label and are today considered among the best in their positions. Conversely, Jackson martinez signed to the club in 2015 with a reputation, but his short stint was ultimately a failure.

“It’s not easy to play for Simeone”

Filipe Luis also acknowledges having taken a step forward under the orders of the hot coach: “I was a left-back lacking confidence in December, and when he arrived, I was the best left-back in the world in January. He is the only person who managed to get this from me. He got the best of me. He knew every inch of my brain ”.

Simeone’s Atlético Madrid is a state of mind, a grinta and above all a very demanding tactical science. A pressure that could sometimes weigh on: “Now I can send and receive messages from Simeone as a friend, but at the time, every time I received them, an air of terror reigned. It was stressful, ”admits the Brazilian.

On this same subject, Filipe Luis added that it was complicated to play for El Cholo: “Take my word for it, it’s not easy to play for Simeone. He has no heart. He never says to himself: “Oh, what a pity, poor little player, I have to do this or that”, no. He will decide only to win ”.

Diego Simeone, who is having an excellent season, will have to make the right choices to negotiate the next meetings. His team will play on Tuesday the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League against Chelsea. They will follow in La Liga against Villarreal and the real Madrid, which comes down to 3 points …

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