Digital frame to make holographic images with iPhone photos

Having a frame that shows photos in portrait mode taken by your iPhone and that can also be viewed in a unique way in 3D is already possible. There is a new device that offers a frame with holographic photos.

3D photo frame
Looking Glass Portrait allows you to have a digital frame that displays photos in 3D.

Digital frame for your iPhone portrait photos

Previously we had recommended an application to take 3D photos with the iPhone, now we will tell you about a new device That could cause a whole new way of displaying our photos taken with the iPhone.

Looking Glass Portrait is the first holographic frame capable of displaying digital photos in portrait mode, which are taken with an iPhone. The effect shown with this unique device is of deep dimensions from a frame that shows the image in 3D.

Looking Glass Portrait is a personal holographic screen that can be placed on the desktop or in some space of the home and that allows to visualize a three-dimensional image from any angle, even the frame can be in motion and show the trace of the image adapting to the main vision of the person.

3D frame
Images can be viewed from any angle.

How does it work

This holographic frame has a landscape-oriented display that uses super stereoscopic technology that generates 45 to 100 views of a three-dimensional image. no need to wear glasses to produce the effect.

The images are processed through the depth information obtained from a photo in portrait mode, a complete mapping of the image is generated and a three-dimensional hologram emerges that represents the image with details, depth, color and realism.

Looking Glass Portrait
The Looking Glass Portrait offers 45 to 100 holographic views of a photo in portrait mode.

The elements can be obtained with a device that captures images in portrait mode of which iPhone 12 Pro stands out Due to its LiDAR capabilities, however, the effect can be produced from the iPhone 7 Plus.

The Looking Glass Portrait can also take content created from panoramic videos, 4k videos or any other element that has scans or photogrammetry software.

At the moment this product is on Kickstarter, a platform where there are several projects in development. Right there the product is shown with priced at $ 199.

Despite the fact that previously the company that developed this digital photo frame has had other products that have had the acceptance and recommendation From various users and buyers, it is pertinent to correctly find out all the delivery details and other aspects before committing to the purchase.

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