Jordan ordered Pat Riley removed from a hotel in Hawaii

With the broadcast of the documentary The Last Dance, thousands of unpublished stories have emerged from the career of legendary Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan.

Now the director of production, Jason Hehir, told an anecdote that shows how obsessive and dominating “His Majesty” can be.

“In 1992 or 1993 one of those years Pat Riley was in Hawaii in the presidential suite of a luxury hotel and Jordan came to the same place and asked to be given that room. Riley told me that the site workers asked him what had to be changed, since a very special visitor had arrived, so they put him in another room, “Hehir said on The Pushin Thru podcast.

Jordan was such a dominant figure in his heyday that every brand and place wanted to please him as a venue. After all, he was the most famous athlete on the planet.