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Disappointment?  Camilo launches a new single and they react with memes (Reformation)

Disappointment? Camilo launches new single and they react with memes | Reform

The singer Camilo begins this year 2021 inviting his audience to warm throats with his new song and video entitled “Expensive clothes“However, there have been many bad comments about her, and even memes have emerged.

As a good storyteller and the honesty that characterizes him, the Colombian shares a song based on his own experience, which occurred years ago, but it seems that this has not been liked by many people or his admirers.

So much so that Evaluna’s husband’s new song was also singled out for allegedly copying two elements of a German song.

Either because of his romantic relationship with Evaluna, because of his songs or some interview, Camilo tends to be a trend every time he does something new and this time the Colombian launched his song “Ropa Cara”, and in addition to the funny memes, some noted that it has similarities to a single by a German group called Trash Boys.

As happened after his release of “Vida de Rico,” despite being an equally catchy subject, some fans of the “Tú Tú” singer made memes about the 26-year-old artist’s tendency to romanticize poverty.

After two songs in which the Colombian sings about a life without luxury, not even his followers could stop themselves from creating memes about the difference between his life in melodies and his real life.

However, this did not stop with laughter, dancing and fun, as there are several people who also started saying that Camilo he copied the idea for the song from Trash Boys, a German group.

This is how among all that the Colombian singer’s single has generated, which has managed to add more than 3 and a half million views on the YouTube platform, some also noted the similarity of the chorus to a Trash Boys song.

In fact, the funniest thing is that the German song is called “Gucci Prada Balenciaga”, same brands that Camilo used in the choir, both artists sing about the same thing, only that the Colombian in different order, “Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada”.

In addition to noticing the great similarity between the rhythm and the words of both choirs, some also suspect that Camilo’s inspiration came from the European country, as they noted the similarity between the typography of both music videos.

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However, it should be mentioned that so far, the Latin singer has not commented on it, and most likely he will not, because leaving aside the bad comments, it is one of the most sounded songs since yesterday .

And it is that although his followers had already anticipated in the teaser, they saw the full music video and were not very convinced with the new musical theme.

On the other hand, this new melody is composed and produced by himself and Édgar Barrera, as well as “Ropa cara” shows the musical influences that have accompanied Camilo Throughout his life, including the Cuban son, which, as he tells it, sounded at home since he was a child and which is why he wanted to pay tribute in this song.

It is worth mentioning that “Ropa cara” is the third single from Camilo’s second studio album, which is accompanied by a video, directed by Evaluna Montaner and Santiago.

The Argentine model and actress Macarena Achaga accompanied Camilo in the video that was recorded in Bogotá, Colombia in December of last year.

The 26-year-old Colombian singer and songwriter, Camilo, has a very successful artistic career and he has made it known that after his hit “Tu tu”, his professional life began to rise and he was catapulted to international fame.

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