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While Novak Djokovic had suggested proposals to improve the lives of players in quarantine in Melbourne, the world No.1 was not heard.

He will at least have had the merit of trying … Novak Djokovic was refused the proposals he made on Sunday to improve the living conditions of players and players who are currently in quarantine in hotels in Melbourne. While the Serbian is in quarantine in Adelaide, just like Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Ashleigh Barty, Simona Halep and Naomi Osaka (the three best players in the world), he asked the President of the Australian Tennis Federation for favors for his colleagues in solitary confinement in Melbourne, 72 of them will even be prohibited from leaving their room to go to train (unlike the others, who have the right to go out for five hours) for two weeks due to cases of coronavirus detected in one or more passengers ( s) their flight to Melbourne.

“A firm no”

The world No. 1 had requested that fitness and training equipment be delivered to every room in Melbourne, as well as decent food (the photos of meal trays posted by some players are indeed not very fit for sportsmen. high level), that the strict quarantine for the 72 players be reduced if their tests prove negative, that the coaches or physical coaches can visit their players and they stay on the same floor, and finally that the more than possible players are housed in a private house with a court.

But he was not heard. Emma Cassar, Victoria’s Covid-19 Quarantine Commissioner, responded with a “no firm” to the Serbian player, on Australian radio. The players will therefore have to take their troubles patiently until January 29-30, training as best they can in their room and eating the unrefined meal trays of their hotel.

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