Do you do home office? Your company will pay the electricity and the internet

The Chamber of Deputies approved a reform to the Federal Labor Law, in such a way that teleworking or home office will be regulated in Mexico, after 426 votes in favor, zero against and zero abstentions were cast.

The deputies approved the opinion, which was sent to the Senate, and it is established that tasks that are carried out in a place other than the workplace or company and that also require information and communication technologies will be considered as teleworking. play it.

Companies must assume internet and electricity expenses. Photo: Pixabay

Said opinion also establishes that the rights of the employees who work under this modality will have to be respected, for example: having Social Security, to disconnection, which could mean that they should not do work outside their hours.

One of the most important reforms that was approved is that companies now have the obligation to assume the costs generated by making home offices, for example, paying for the internet and the proportional part of electricity.

Another point contemplated by this reform is that employers must respect the personal data and privacy of workers. But not all responsibility falls on the work centers; since employees also have the obligation to take care of and preserve the material and equipment they receive from their company, for example, computers, cell phones, among others.

In the same way, workers have the obligation to inform in advance about the costs of internet services and electricity, derived from the activities that are carried out as part of the job.

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