“Do you have to give us the interview like this?”

The residents of the Biscayan town of Balmaseda have been denouncing for months the tension that exists in the La Penilla neighborhood since the arrival in the area of ​​a troubled family. A large group of neighbors went this Sunday to the door of the apartment where the squatter family is staying to demonstrate against the attitude of these new tenants with the rest of the town.

This Monday, the program Public mirror He has interviewed live the three young organizers of the protests against the occupation of this family. The guests have appeared on the screen covered by glasses, a hood and a mask so as not to show their faces on television. “Do you have to give us the interview like this?”Susanna Griso asked as soon as she started in amazement.

“We do it under these conditions because lately here there is a lot of fear of this type of people and at any moment they can recognize us and do anything on the street and we have decided to do it that way, “explained one of the hooded men. The presenter could not believe what she was seeing and was surprised by the level of fear with which some live neighbors of Balmaseda.

“Do you feel so threatened to go out with your face covered?”asked the host of the program. One of the organizers said that about two months ago another acquaintance and he were threatened at the exit of a supermarket by one of the members of this family. “We are quite afraid of what may happen to both us and our families”, the guest has added. “What problems do you have with this family? Are they so dangerous?” Asked the presenter again.

The guests have explained that the members of this family have already threatened some minors and have caused some damage in the town, breaking the cars of several neighbors. “We feel threatened when we see our grandmothers leave the supermarket and some families in this municipality have had their purchases stolen, “explained another of the young people.

Neighbors justify the protests to restore tranquility to the area. The organizers assure that they are gathering evidence to put the case in the hands of the authorities and report all the alleged crimes in which this family has been involved. In addition, the protesters suspect that one of them sexually abused a minor from the town.

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