Do you remember the Yardrat from Dragon Ball? This is what the female version of this breed would look like in this cosplay of a Mexican model

The Yadrat are a race that belongs to Universe 7 of Dragon Ball. They make their first appearance in the fourth arc of Dragon Ball Z, although their participation was during the events of the planet Namek, after Goku defeated Frieza.

The impact of these characters is not important enough to give them a deeper development. However, there are references related to its existence and contributions that were fundamental in the events that continue to take place in the adventures of the manga and anime that Akira Toriyama writes.

About the Yadrat there are two fundamental characteristics. The first is the strange attire of the breed. Goku appears dressed in this clothing at the beginning of the android arc and generates multiple questions among the rest of the Z Fighters.

And the other thing, perhaps the most relevant thing, is that they teach Goku teleportation. The Saiyan himself says that the race is not that powerful, but they have techniques that are surprising and useful for any warrior in the universe.

The cosplay of a Yadrat

We do not know what women look like on the planet of the Yadrat. She probably doesn’t look like this beautiful Mexican model, who made this wonderful cosplay to honor this group of important beings so that Goku stays alive.

The cosplayer who did this interpretation is the singer and model Elia Fery. With blonde hair, blue eyes, and a dragon ball in her right hand, she wears the regalia of the Yadrat while imitating the technique of teleportation.