Do you remember Videl in Dragon Ball GT? She returned in this wonderful cosplay made by a beautiful Mexican model

The last arc of Dragon Ball Z introduces us to new characters for the work of Akira Toriyama. Videl, daughter of Mister Satan, is one of them. She is a beautiful and skilled young lady who is first introduced as Gohan’s classmate.

However, with the passage of time in that same arc, she ends up becoming the girlfriend of Goku’s eldest son and later the wife. Videl is strong; much more so than her father is and she has an enormous capacity for the martial arts training that the Z Fighters do.

Despite having had a common training, he manages to learn to fly and improve his fighting techniques after he grows up. But unfortunately the stories and adventures of Dragon Ball kept her away from the battles.

In Dragon Ball GT Videl remains as part of the secondary characters of the series. She is the mother of Pan and wife of Gohan. She doesn’t have much more than that in the weight of adventures. In the same way, she appears and in this part of the anime they give her a new look.

It is this outfit that a beautiful Mexican cosplayer has rescued to perform an interpretation that she posted on social networks.

Videl, in Dragon Ball GT wears a jean skirt and shirt. He has a purple shirt and braided hair. Elia Fery, who is also a singer, gathered all these characteristics and captured them in this ingenious cosplay that respects every detail of the character.