Do you want autonomy? Well with the Dacia Duster LPG take two cups …

The Dacia Duster is a compact 4.3-meter SUV with clear off-road reminiscences. It shows a lot in its aesthetics, unchanged since the Romanian brand of the Renault Group launched the second generation in 2018, and in its 21 cm of ground clearance. The version we have tested is only available with front axle drive, but it is very versatile thanks to its “physical” characteristics and the fact that it can travel comfortably on off-road roads that are not very demanding.

Anyway, the most interesting thing about this Duster is in their “entrails”, in a three-cylinder engine with one liter of displacement that can run on either gasoline or Liquefied Petroleum Gas. The LPG, which is as it is popularly known, comes from the mixture of butane and propane gas under pressure and is processed in a liquid state. It also does not produce particles, it is less polluting than gasoline –that is why it has the DGT “Eco” label– and the price per liter is only 0.72 euros.

Dacia Duster LPG
The interior has good design and materials for the price level in which this car moves.

It is not hybrid, it is “bi”

To fuel the engine, this Duster has two tanks, one with 33 liters of LPG (for safety regulations you have to leave 20% free) and another with 50 liters of gasoline, and with both full you can travel up to 1,200 kilometers without refueling.

The handling of the car is no different than a conventional gasoline one. It only differs in that there is a button and a light indicator to the left of the steering wheel that allows you to select between one fuel and another, in addition to controlling the LPG level.

Dacia Duster LPG
The tank cap hides a double “mouth”, the one on the left for LPG (a specific adapter is needed) and the other for gasoline.

By default, the car always starts in gasoline mode, and when the engine reaches the right temperature (it takes a few minutes) it goes to LPG if that is the mode chosen in the last use. The passage from one fuel to another is almost negligible, But when refueling, you must use a specific adapter for Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

Dacia spring

On going, 100 horsepower is reached by raising the engine revs a lot, which is more willful than forceful. It is also quite loud, although it is not annoying. If we are looking for power, it is necessary to play with the five-speed manual transmission, which by the way has a long but precise lever (it has only been difficult for us to reverse gear on some occasions).

The 100 horsepower is reached by raising the engine revolutions a lot, which is more willful than forceful

Otherwise driving is not a problem. The Duster has a soft suspension to make it comfortable, but their weight and height are noticeable in twisty areas.

The interior is comfortable and spacious, including the rear seats, and also the boot provides a very usable 445 liters of capacity.

Dacia Duster LPG
The green indicator light informs you of what fuel is being used and the level of LPG.

A very competitive price

The finishes of this limited “Anniversary” series are, like the equipment, high for the price level of the Duster. Solid and apparent materials, color accents and a soft and pleasant upholstery join a highly functional multimedia system with 7-inch screen and browser, which is part of the standard equipment. This section also highlights elements such as the 17-inch wheels, the climate control, cruise control or vehicle blind spot detector.

The price of this Duster TCe 1.0 GLP 4×2, with promotions and financing, is 16,510 euros, and we have not found anything similar in its segment for that amount. The actual 90-horsepower gasoline version of the Duster costs 700 euros less and it’s not that equipped so The added value in autonomy, due to that price difference, is totally recommended if we need to do many kilometers a week.

Dacia Duster LPG
The proven “Anniversary” limited series has a very complete equipment including these beautiful 17-inch wheels.


Engine: gasoline and LPG.

Power (kW / CV): 74/100.

Change: Manual, 5 speeds.

Length (mm): 4,341.

Width (mm): 1,804.

Height (mm): 1,693.

Trunk (liters): 445.

Maximum speed (km / h): 172/168.

From 0 to 100 km / h (sec.): 14.4 / 13.8.

Average consumption (l / 100 km): 6.1 / 7.8.

CO2 emissions (gr / km): 138/126.

Price (euros): 16,510 (with discounts).

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