Doctor Pedro Cavadas warns about vaccines: “Adverse symptoms will appear”

Present The doctor is not optimistic about the speed with which vaccines are being created

Pedro Cavadas

The race for coronavirus vaccine is underway and these weeks do not stop giving us headlines. Pfizer, Modern and Oxford are generating a wave of optimism among citizens, who already seem to see the end of the pandemic looming in the distance.

However, not everyone views this news with such optimism. This has been the case of doctor Pedro Cavadas, who has given his opinion about these vaccines in an interview with the ABC newspaper.

“A vaccine in Phase 3 it means that you are starting to have a vaccine in a few years. If we want something safe, spend a lot of time. If we want something fast, we will have to accept that adverse symptoms will appear“he warned.

“The reality is that a vaccine for what is, being realistic, before a couple of years, I do not believe it,” said the doctor referring to the government vaccination plan, which plans to vaccinate a large part of the population of Spain in the first half of 2021.