Does FIFA21 contain sports betting? The ‘loot boxes’ put the video game into question

The videogame FIFA21 is again in question, this time because of the modality FIFA Ultimate Team, which has been investigated by various governments. The reward in the form of ‘loot boxes’ is not fully regulated and some voices consider them as sports betting.

FIFA 21 special gear for Ultimate Team mode

Peter moore, former president of EA Sports, the company behind FIFA21, stated that these rewards, which can be purchased through the direct purchase system, are not sports betting at all. “This is my personal point of view, but the concept of surprise and delight versus gambling are very far from each other”, Explained the manager in an interview for

You buy and get a gold pack, you open it and either they are happy or you think it was a shit pack. I don’t see it as a bet per sebut again, it’s my personal opinion as an outsider today, ”continued the former EA Sports president.

However, Peter Moore himself understands that from the outside it may seem something different and that is why he remembers that the company has already modified the game model in Star Wars Battlefront 2 after the criticism and consumer studies. “I understand that outside of sports lootboxes be looked at with a magnifying glass and criticized. EA has already rectified in this regard ”.

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