does not like to be compared to Walt Disney

The legendary creator of characters and video games, Shigeru Miyamoto, has traveled to North American lands to inaugurate the new amusement park super nintendo world at Universal Studios in Hollywood.

But what perhaps no one expected is that the living legend would take advantage of the trip to talk about his legacy and work in this industry where he has already left a deep mark, as well as share some details of the park project.

We are a few months away from the premiere of the long-awaited Super Mario Bros. movie and the Japanese video game company seems to have started the machinery to trigger emotions to the maximum among the followers of this Nintendo franchise.

The idea of ​​bringing Miyamoto into the heart of the film industry to open an amusement park dedicated to that universe stole all the spotlight this weekend. Because of the act itself and Miyamoto’s statements.

Shigeru Miyamoto Reveals the Story Behind Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World

The opening ceremony of the amusement park was a grand gala event that could be witnessed by anyone thanks to the Universal Studios official YouTube channel.

And as part of the activities surrounding the opening, Shigeru Miyamoto gave a series of interviews to select media, highlighting the talk with GameSpot.

Since there he was approached to ask his opinion about these continuous comparisons of him with mythical figures from the West, where they have come to name him “the Walt Disney of video games” or have compared him to Steven Spielberg.

In his response, Miyamoto revealed that he actually doesn’t like being compared to such things very much for one simple reason:

“I am Miyamoto. Miyamoto is Miyamoto and Nintendo is Nintendo. However, I am very honored to be compared to Disney.

Although, having said that, rather than compare Nintendo to Disney, I do feel that Disney to some degree, especially for families, [representa] a sense of tranquility for families.”

Shigeru Miyamoto explained that video games are generally not always related to the idea of ​​tranquility or comfort, as is the case when thinking about a home.

But Nintendo, as a video game brand, has reached a point where it can be compared to Disney, and therefore perhaps those calm ideas as well.

Miyamoto also talked about the process of creating the park where his ultimate goal was always to bring the Mushroom Kingdom to the real world.

And from all that we can see they have done it with absolute success.