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Dollar General want your employees to receive vaccines COVID-19 so he is offering them four hours pay to go get the vaccine.

The chain said Wednesday that it will give its workers a one-time payment equivalent to four hours’ pay after receiving a full vaccination.

“We don’t want our employees to have to choose between getting a vaccination or coming to work,” Dollar General said in a press release, noting that its workers face obstacles to getting vaccinated, such as commute time, distance, cost. gasoline or childcare needs.

The company, which had 157,000 employees as of October 30, called getting a vaccination a “personal decision” and said it would not require it.

His announcement comes as the launch of the vaccine is starting slowly in the United States. So far more than 27.6 million doses of the vaccine, according to CDC data, and more than 9.3 million people have received their first dose. Federal authorities have said that 20 million people would have received the first doses by the end of December.

Dollar General was considered an essential retailer and its branches have remained open throughout the pandemic. Most states continue to vaccinate only health care workers and residents and staff in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes.

The essential workers Like the employees of retail stores and supermarkets, are scheduled to be vaccinated in later stages of implementation, but their eligibility to receive the vaccine varies by state.

Dollar General It is not the only employer offering financial incentives to workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. He Houston Methodist, a Texas hospital system with more than 26,000 employees, will also offer a bonus of $ 500 dollars workers if they get vaccinated.

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Some big employers have said they want as many workers as possible vaccinated, but they won’t be required to. Verizon told staff this week that it will not require them to be vaccinated, and CVS Health, whose pharmacies are distributing vaccines and are eligible to receive them, said it will encourage its employees but not force them to get vaccinated, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In the United States, more than 3 million new cases in the United States in the first 13 days of the year. Until Wednesday, more than 23 million Americans have been infected with the virus, a million more than four days earlier, according to data from Johns Hopkins University and more than 130,383 people are now hospitalized with COVID-19 and 4,022 died this Wednesday according to the COVID Tracking Project.

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