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Pierre Ménès once again regretted the reception given to Raymond Domenech when he arrived at the head of FC Nantes.

According to a recent poll carried out by Odoxa for Winamax and RTL, 54% of French people forgave Domenech for the Knysna fiasco, 58% of respondents deeming him competent and 56% considering that the FC Nantes made a good choice by installing him on his sidelines. The former coach of the Blues was nonetheless entitled to a warm welcome when he arrived at the Canaries, wiping a volley of sharp criticism and derogatory reflections.

A treatment that was not to the liking of Pierre Ménès, who again defended the Lyonnais on the Canal Football Club set. “I was deeply shocked by the way in which the return of Raymond Domenech was received by a lot of media. We have talked about Knysna being part of its history, but a World Cup final too. We really thought of him as the last shit. And I don’t find that normal, ”he said.

And to believe the journalist from Canal, FC Nantes may have had to settle for two draws for the first two outings of Raymond Domenech, bringing to ten his series of matches without the slightest victory, these beginnings are promising to say the least. . “Besides, the first two matches against opponents much stronger than FC Nantes, especially the match in Montpellier on Saturday, I find that rather very encouraging. I really want him to get out of it just to shut the mouths of all these idiots, ”he added.

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