Dominion sues the director of MyPillow for defamation – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The election technology company Dominion Voting Systems is suing the director of the carpet company MyPillow, accusing him of defamation for saying the vote counting company rigged the US elections.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in the District of Columbia against the company’s director, Mike Lindell and demands $ 1.3 billion in compensation.

The litigation alleges that Lindell ignored repeated warnings from Dominion, which has also filed similar lawsuits against Rudolph Giuliani and Sidney Powell, attorneys for Donald Trump.

Dominion accuses Lindell of repeatedly saying falsely that the company used its technology to steal the election from Trump.

“No amount of money can repair the damage infused by these lies, which are easily disproved. Hundreds of audits and documented counts have shown that Dominion machines count votes accurately. We are eager to prove these facts in a court of law, ”the lawsuit states.

Lindell, famous for his television commercials, told The Associated Press that he welcomed the lawsuit and that the discovery process will prove that he is right.

“It is a very good day. I was waiting for them to finally sue, ”said Lindell, who went to the White House to promote his theories in the final days of the Trump administration.

All the US authorities have repeatedly confirmed that there was no electoral fraud. That includes numerous courts, Trump’s Attorney General, and the Republican governors of Arizona and Georgia. Nearly all of the legal challenges from Trump and his allies were dismissed by justices, including two dismissed by the Supreme Court, made up of three Trump-nominated justices.

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