Donald Trump acknowledges to journalists “the severity of the coronavirus pandemic”

The American president has made decisions that he has made known to the journalists who usually cover the White House information. Pedro Sánchez could emulate the American president in manners and respect for the media, here censored and filtered by order of a cowardly executive to face questions from communication professionals

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, announced this Sunday that federal guidelines to deal with the coronavirus will be extended until next April 30 despite his insistence on opening the country before Easter. Trump also recognized the severity of COVID-19 due to the speed with which the coronavirus spreads, which has already infected more than 140,000 people in the country, and the consequent difficulty in avoiding new infections.

The highest peak of the COVID-19 death curve, according to all experts, is expected to arrive in two weeks”To the United States, assured the president. During the last days Trump had insisted on “opening the country’s businesses” before easter in mid-April, just the time when you now foresee the contagion curve to reach its maximum point.

It was for this reason that the president announced the extension “until April 30 our indications to slow down the contagion. On Tuesday we will give the American people a summary of our findings data from support and strategy”, The president transferred to the gathered journalists in the rose garden of the White House.

At a conference held on this occasion from the Rose Garden of the White House – to “Respect social distancing”– and with an apparently more serious demeanor, the US president also took the opportunity to speak about the logistics collaborations of courier transport companies, which he thanked for their work.

Trump once again thanked the nation’s sacrifice by appealing to the need for most Americans to stay home and maintain social distancing to avoid new infections and marked a new line on the horizon. “We can hope that by June 1 we will be on the road to recovery”, said a much more cautious Donald Trump.

Much more comfortable with the new statements of the president, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Government’s top reference during the coronavirus crisis, estimated “Completely conceivable” that a million people in the US contract the disease. However, he estimated that both the mitigation and the extension of the period of “social distancing” will contribute to curbing those numbers.

On the morning of this Sunday, Dr. Fauci had an advance on CNN that due to the coronavirus they could die in the United States up to 100,000 people, and that a million would be infected. Later, during the press conference, he explained that “those numbers are based on a model”And that the measures that the government has taken are focused precisely on“ not letting that happen ”.

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