Donald Trump: “I’ll see you in four years” – .

While he continues to challenge Joe Biden’s victory in the American elections, Donald Trump has openly mentioned his candidacy for 2024.

An event in the absence of the press

Almost a month after the results of american elections, Donald trump still refuses to accept defeat to Democratic candidate Joe Biden. At a Christmas party at the White House on Tuesday night, the outgoing president hinted that he would be a candidate for the next election in 2024. “It was four fantastic years. We are trying to do four more years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.”, he declared during the event, in the presence of officials of the Republican Party. The evening was not open to reporters, but a video of his speech then leaked shortly after, reports 20 minutes.

See you on January 20?

Since the announcement of Joe Biden’s victory, Donald trump limit their public appearances as much as possible. He lives as a recluse in the White House and is satisfied with his often angry tweets by way of communication. According to NBC, the former businessman told his relatives that he could announce the launch of his campaign for 2024 on January 20. This is the date scheduled for the swearing-in of Joe Biden, which the outgoing President of the United States would not attend. In 2017, the former real estate mogul also had the file filed for a new candidacy in 2020 from January 20, the day he took up his post.

In theory, Donald trump can try another chance to return to White House in 2024, he will be 78 years old. The US Constitution prohibits holding more than two terms, but it is possible to have two non-consecutive. This is the case with former President Grover Cleveland at the end of the 19th century. Elected in 1884, he was defeated in 1888 before his re-election in 1892.

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