Donald Trump proclaims himself the winner amid a technical tie

Joe biden heads the dispute for the US presidency. With 90% of the votes counted. However, the advantage is slight, just 11,000 votes, according to sources from the New York Times.

Donald trump it has taken over the states of Ohio, Texas and Florida, while the Democrats are ahead in Wisconsin. Pennsylvania and Michigan. Thus the states that allow the winner to be known become the key to this duel.

However, once again, it has been possible to see which are the true interests of the current president. In the absence of full counting of votes in person and by mail, and still lagging behind Biden, Trump has proclaimed himself president.

But it has not only stayed there: it has gone further, warning that it intends paralyze the scrutiny and who will take this to the Supreme Court. His argument is based on the commission of electoral fraud and states that “as far as I’m concerned, we’ve already won”.

Few presidents throughout history have shown a level of cynicism as high as this. Trump tries to camouflage his ambition and his profit under a false love for his citizens. It says that these elections are “a fraud for the American people”, When what he really means is that these results end his mandate and, therefore, with the possibility of doing and undoing at will.

He speaks of the integrity of his country, that which he does not protect when he leaves To die thousands of people on the street without the possibility of receiving health care, without any type of resource, without any option to lead a decent life.

He also speaks of the law that he breaks himself when he evades his taxes, when he builds illegal walls, or when he allows other great fortunes to continue exploiting the public resources without giving anything in return.

Donald Trump has fear, but not that his’loved‘country is under the command of a bad government, but to lose its privileges, those that so many’fake news‘and lies have been difficult for them to achieve.

Trump’s propaganda apparatus has nothing to envy that of Hitler back in 1945. A similar speech and a charisma that have managed to convince even those who are harmed by their policies.

And how could it be otherwise, the response of Biden it has not been made wait. Biden asks his voters for patience and affirms that his party will win this election. The candidate is confident in his potential to win this election, and his voters believe him.

Biden is this country’s ray of hope, because USA It cannot withstand 4 more years of political, economic and social destruction. Not them, not us, because don’t forget that the US elections decide the future of the world. no tiene por qué compartir la totalidad del contenido de los artículos que se publican en alguna de sus secciones de opinión.

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