Donald Trump: “The ‘impeachment’ procedure is totally ridiculous” – .

After the invasion of the Capitol in Washington, an “impeachment” procedure is about to be launched against Donald Trump.

A ridiculous procedure

To the United States, the Democrats accused Donald trump for inciting his supporters to the violence perpetrated on the Capitol, Wednesday January 6. They thus initiated a procedure ofimpeachment ‘ targeting the outgoing president after this invasion. Before leaving for Alamo (south of Texas), Tuesday January 12, the head of state counter-attack during a speech, reports Point.
He thus considered that this procedure was “totally ridiculous“and caused”immense anger“among his supporters. In his opinion, his virulent speech just before the invasion of Congress by his supporters was”quite suitable“and that he did not wish”no violence“in a country in the grip of great tension.

No chance, no risk

In a speech later today, the outgoing president also assured that there was no chance that he would be removed from his post. “The 25th Amendment poses no risk to me“, he assured the Texas. He said the Democrats’ call for Vice President Mike Pence to declare him unfit for office could not be successful. According to the magazine, the head of state, who gave a less aggressive speech than the one delivered on January 6, called for “calm“and the”peace“.

This act should be easily adopted

If these accusations are successful, Donald trump may become the first US president to be twice indicted in Congress, in impeachment proceedings. The House will consider the indictment on Wednesday and is expected to vote on the same day. Since it is supported by the greatest number of Democrats, with possible support from Republicans, this act should be easily passed.

Liz Cheney reportedly voting for impeachment

Tuesday January 12, Liz cheney, the number three Republicans in the House of Representatives, announced that she would vote in favor of the impeachment of Donald trump. “The President of the United States summoned this surly crowd, gathered this surly crowd and lit the fuse of this attack on January 6“, she wrote in a statement.

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