Donald Trump’s WeChat veto could cost Apple $ 21 billion a year

For several weeks now, many of us have followed closely the evolution of one of Donald Trump’s latest decisions, which could put Apple in serious trouble. Specifically, we talk about the WeChat ban, Tencent’s messaging platform that, according to the president of the United States, is a threat to national security, as Huawei was described at the time and as TikTok is also being.

It is no secret that China is one of the most important markets for Apple. The Asian country represented last year sales revenue of $ 44 billion. However, the situation of WeChat, considered a fundamental app in the lives of millions of Chinese, could compromise sales forecasts. And it all depends on how the executive order Trump has signed is applied. Specifically, whether or not the order interrupts Apple’s relations with Tencent, forcing them to remove WeChat from all markets, including China.

If it also affects the presence of the app in the Chinese App Store, this could mean, according to a report by Seeking Alpha, a decrease in revenue of about 21,000 million dollars. Some numbers that, although they seem disproportionate, correspond to a society in which WeChat is deeply entrenched, far beyond the realm of instant messaging. Thanks to this app, its Chinese users have an ecosystem that provides them with everything from mobile payments to an alternative to email. All in the same place.

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Thus, Apple will have to be very careful when proceeding with this application. Because, although it may not have such an important presence outside of China, it is enough that it affects the Asian country slightly so that your financial results suffer greatly. And it is necessary to remember that many Chinese users would prefer to leave their iPhone behind than WeChat.