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We update our list of gaming PCs with designs in many cases surprising.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

There is no platform that offers more options to its users than the PC. Times change, and nowadays it is not strange to see how fans customize the hardware configurations to the maximum detail, expanding and updating different components in order to obtain the best results when enjoying video games.

But the customization doesn’t end there; designing the exterior of the towers has become a real trend among the most enthusiastic users. It is a hobby that is not suitable for all budgets, which in addition to important investments requires patience and, above all, a lot of imagination. We invite you to enjoy some really amazing designs, with some proposals dedicated to games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, DOOM or Resident Evil.

Shadow of the Wolf

Shadow of the Wolf Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was one of the most acclaimed titles of 2019, the year in which it won the GOTY. FutureXP teamed up with NVIDIA, Intel and Corsair to shape this spectacular tower. Well, maybe it’s better to call her tori. Its appearance is so attractive that it could serve as a decorative element. In fact, the only visible component is its powerful GeForce RTX 2060.

What will be inside?

What will be inside? We do not know what components are hidden inside, but we are sure that you would all love to open it. One more example of how far the most enthusiastic users can go. It is a chest that could perfectly have been found by the Hero of Time during his travels through Hyrule. You must have invested a good handful of rupees in it.

Made in Columbia

Made in Columbia BioShock Infinite is one of those titles that leave an indelible mark on players who get caught up in the clouds of Columbia and its dystopian science fiction proposal. We are not very clear how to identify the location of each component, but the design of this PC is simply impressive. And with a matching monitor and keyboard, watch out.

Don't cry BB

Don’t cry BB Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s latest proposal debuted on PC a few months ago. And it shows that this user was delighted with the title. The combination of glass and yellow lights is perfect to show off BB as if it were the Sam Porter Bridges capsule. Of course, we are happy -and the pc too- that the user has not put liquid in the box.

Biological risk

Biological risk You couldn’t miss a design dedicated to Resident Evil, the popular Capcom franchise. Bullet shells, blood stains and cooling tanks that invite you to play with its fluids as if it were a puzzle. Will its owner use a keyboard or typewriter to enjoy the upcoming Resident Evil 8: Village?

Got some Redstone left over?

Got some Redstone left over? Minecraft and PC have to go hand in hand. And it is that an authentic phenomenon that began to forge its legend in computers could not be left without a design to match. You can try chopping this Redstone ore, but we warn you that you will not find any resources inside. Well, maybe some components. If you want one like it, you can start with its Corsair Obsidian 250D box.

To kill demons it has been said

To kill demons it has been said DOOM is a franchise closely linked to PC Gaming due to its origins. In 2020 DOOM Eternal arrived, the latest adventure in a saga with almost thirty years behind it. Can you think of a better way to enjoy it? Special mention to the skull on the box and the game logo on the incandescent earth surface.

When you have no bullets left

When you have no bullets left The chainsaw is a very popular weapon in Doom. Not as much as the legendary BFG 9000, but almost. We don’t know if this would work to cut down trees -or to dismember demons-, but it sure works to play the next Doom. And is that the king of first person shooters could not be without a personalized computer.

The Latest Fashion in the Wasteland

The Latest Fashion in the Wasteland Rest assured, its damages are not the result of the heating of its components, but of the design. And is that a pristine and shiny tower would not marry well with the world of Fallout 3. Have you tried to hack the system by finding keywords on your screen? Its hardware is outdated, but at least it’s capable of moving the game to 1080p.

This is how they did it in Pandora

This is how they did it in Pandora Borderlands is a franchise that has millions of followers. And among them, it is seen that there is a PC gaming enthusiast. This tower is beautiful thanks to the detail with which this user has designed the exterior appearance, emulating its characteristic Cel-Shading graphic style. We assume that inside there are several quality components, but will the camera be there?

Best concert in Silverhand

Best concert in Silverhand Users were already taking time to show off a PC with motifs from the recent Cyberpunk 2077. In this case, the most interesting thing is inside the box. It’s Johnny Silverhand! One of the most relevant characters in the new CD Projekt RED RPG. Specifically, it is a figure of a considerable size, and the truth is that the result is very, very good.

BONUS: Turn up the radio for me

BONUS: Turn up the radio for me The Ford Mustang has been with us for more than fifty years. It is a legendary car that has a true legion of fans. And here we have one who also likes computers. Although it looks like an official radio, it is a PC customized to the extreme. A real beauty that surely was not easy to design.

BONUS: Classics Never Die

BONUS: Classics Never Die There are cars that never go out of style. And the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 GTI is one of them. It is clear that this user wanted to pay tribute to him and what better way to do it than by customizing his PC. Do not miss the details such as the fans as headlights and the container for cooling, which could perfectly contain the antifreeze liquid.

BONUS: The Clone Wars

BONUS: The Clone Wars The Sander van der Velden thing is crazy. You are free to believe it or not, but this is a PC. Well, a PC inside a Venator-class Star Destroyer (Star Wars). She was one of the main protagonists of CES 2016 and conceiving such a marvel was not easy for der Velden and his team, who needed a lot of patience to recreate this unmistakable attack cruiser in detail.

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