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Sony Playstation 5 : Eneba launches its new second-hand gaming trading platform.

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If you are thinking of sell your old PS2 that has been in your closet since time immemorial, that annoying wii remote that does nothing but hinder, or sell those old games on your PlayStation 3 to buy you the new generation. Now you can sell on Eneba.

All those retro games and consoles that you have and no longer use, can help you make money to buy a next generation console or whatever you want. Of course, as long as they are in good condition.

Now Eneba, as a novelty, adds to its catalog of digital games a marketplace of new and used physical games, consoles and gaming accessories, where you will be able to buy gaming products from other sellers at cheaper prices or simply make money by selling what you no longer need.

Sell ​​your games

Advantages of selling your physical gaming products on Eneba

€ 10 EXTRA: You will get this additional amount once you sell your first product (if you list your first product before launch)FREE ADS: Forget about paying to place an adPROTECTION: Shipping and payment are fully protectedSHIPPING: You will not have to calculate the price, we have already negotiated it. It is the buyer who will bear this costNO APP: You can upload it from your mobile, tablet or PC from the Eneba website, without downloading an additional APP.

Sell ​​and get € 10 extra

Why sell your second-hand games on Eneba?

It is totally free list your productsyes, your payments and shipments are protected and there are no commissions. Which means that you won’t have to overpay to sell your Nintendo products or other platforms.

Plus, you’ll be happy to hear that the first users to sell their first product they will receive 10 euros (You read it correctly, 10 euros you get!) for your next purchase at the Eneba store.

Here you will also find offers on digital games, prepaid cards and console subscriptions at much cheaper prices, but that is not today’s topic, the novelty is that you can also sell your used gaming products as you already know.

Sell ​​your console

What is Eneba?

Eneba is the gaming store where you will be able to buy digital games, prepaid cards and subscriptions at the best price, without having to go to any store and from the comfort of buying from home. Also, now as we have already told you If you are from Spain, you can sell and buy physical gaming products.

Visit the Eneba video game store, since you have at your disposal a library of thousands of PC and console games that you can buy immediately online with full guarantee. More than 2,300,000 people trust your service.

Visit the Eneba store today to find the best deals on video games. Make sure you don’t miss out on your next game at the best price!

Don't you play with it?  Sell ​​it at Eneba!

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