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24 hours later the amazing record by TheGrefg, the community keeps talking about what the 2.4 million viewers achieved has meant. So much so that one of the international stars of Twitch, Dr Disrespect, wanted to send a message to the Spanish creator himself. And in Spanish!

Dr Disrespect begins by congratulating Grefg, although the video, in a comical tone, ends up being a clear message of challenge. « I’m going for you! ». It seems that the numbers reached by a Spanish streamer have taken a lot in those parts.

It is worth noting the acceptable Spanish that Disrespect shows in the video. It is perfectly understood, and could have limited itself to sending its message in English, but it has not been like that. He is clear that he wants to be heard by his new prey. Although the first thing he should have done is to know his enemy well and not call him Gregory.

« Hi Gregory, how are you?« He begins. » I just want to congratulate you on the new milestone. Your numbers are impressive, « he continues before changing the tone of his message. The challenge arrives.

« Don’t be too arrogant, do you think you can just get away with it without having to deal with the two consecutive 1993 and 1994 video game champions that are here? Congratulations, for now. But I’m going for you. And I’m going to be very good doing it« .

It is true that he does not speak fluent Spanish, but the message is perfectly understood. Dr Disrespect seeks to destroy TheGrefg’s record, so it seems that now he only has that goal in mind.

Obviously, the message is in a congratulation with a touch of humor. The Spanish streamer himself has answered, in English, adopting the same tone. « I hope you don’t play the same way you speak Spanish, in that case I will destroy you, » he affirms and then thanks him for the congratulations. « Nah, it’s a joke. Thank you so much for your words, big man. »

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