Dr. Gero made Android 17 as a female and Android 18 as a male in this Dragon Ball Z ‘What If…’

“Android number 17 is young with long black hair. Android number 18 is a very pretty woman and her clothes are very similar to mine”. This is the description of Future Trunks, when he talks about Dr. Gero’s creations in the fourth arc of Dragon Ball Z.

Trunks says that they are two ruthless beings who enjoy destruction. When they appear, everything coincides with what the young time traveler said. But the development of the story ends up being very different, since these two subjects end up becoming part of the Z family.

Dr. Gero made them from two human beings: Lapiz and Lazuli, who are subjected to different experiments with which he manages to increase or reduce their fighting powers. The two end up being absorbed by Cell, but with the help of the dragon balls they both manage to develop a “normal” life.

What would have happened if the anatomy of these two beings had been different? According to what the illustrator has imagined VitoAlfonsoAndroid 17 is a cute girl and Number 18 is a young man with long hair, but blonde.

Both androids keep their same clothing. In the case of Number 17, she continues with her black shirt and orange bandana around her neck. She keeps her black hair and blue jeans.

While Number 18 man is a blonde and muscular guy who wears a blue vest as does the original version, the female one.