Dragon Ball appears twice in the list of Google’s most searched characters in the world

dragonball is, without question, one of the greatest works in recent anime and manga history. So much and to such a degree that entire decades have passed and the franchise remains more alive than ever. So the novelty of a very popular search term on Google should not surprise us.

A perfect example of its level of influence at a global level is found, to the surprise of locals and strangers, with the premiere of the Creed 3 film, where the director and protagonist Michael B. Jordan had the detail of integrating multiple tributes to the anime. .

Beyond Hollywood, the influence and obsession with this saga remains alive and now we have a piece of information that fully supports it. Since it lists a list of the most popular searches on Google.

Where elements belonging to the work of Akira Toriyama appear not just once, but a couple of times, thereby proving that the entire planet is obsessed with this franchise.

Dragon Ball appears more than once in the list of the most searched for on Google during 2022

The analytics firm glimpse recently published an interesting article under the title The 100 Most Searched People on Google in 2023 (The top 100 most searched people on Google in 2023).

The article starts from a complex data study where it ends up putting together a list of the most searched personalities during the past year in the search engine. A couple of Dragon Ball characters appeared by surprise.

Here are the top 15 and their 30-day average search volume:

1 Messi 43,493,385

2 Peel 24,468,352

3Trump 9,128,660

4Andrew Tate4,500,324

5Harry Styles3,970,434

6 Gokou 3,736,527

7Taylor Swift3,520,778

8 Bad Bunny 3,473,333

9Justin Bieber3,298,768

10 The Rock 3,062,491

11 Ye 2,751,086

12 Drake 2,666,911

13 Madonna 2,651,492

14 Elon Musk2,516,662

15 Kanye West2,462,527

As we can see, Goku occupies position number 6 on the planet, and if we go to place 56 we will find that Vegeta appears there with 992,316 searches.

It is striking just as Luffy from One Piece also appears on the list occupying position 16. Thus giving shape to this curious panorama, where 5% of the characters in this ranking are fictitious.

That’s how big Dragon Ball is for today’s popular culture.