Dragon Ball reveals which is the villain most hated by Vegeta and you will be surprised when you see that it is not Frieza

Vegeta goes through a complex process in which he stops being an evil being to become one of the most important heroes of Earth and Universe 7, in Dragon Ball. Along the way, he faces brutal villains for whom, in some cases, he feels immense hatred.

The first thing that comes to mind for all of us is Frieza. The world conqueror was responsible for destroying the planet Vegita, taking with him the Saiyan race, which includes his father and his entire family.

Far from feeling love for his relatives, what Vegeta really wants at first is to take the position of Emperor of the Universe from Frieza. Also, he would like to overcome his powers and beat him in a fight.

However, along the way his attitude changes. Little by little, she transforms her feelings towards her loved ones and acquires that sense of belonging and protection in which the hatred towards Frieza does not vanish.

However, even if he feels enormous contempt for the Emperor of the Universe, this is not the villain for whom Vegeta feels the greatest hatred. A curious theory published by the people of M.D. Tech reveals that there is someone else the prince of the Saiyans does not want to see again.

This is Baby, a villain who makes his appearance in Dragon Ball GT. This villain has the particularity of being able to exercise total control of Vegeta’s body to acquire his powers.

The prince is in the depths of his being, but he is not able to regain control under any circumstances. Baby changes Vegeta’s appearance and accommodates him to his liking to sow terror on Earth.

Finally it is Goku, with the transformation of Super Saiyan 4, who defeats the villain and thus returns the body to his Saiyan friend. Vegeta never had the chance to even face him and therefore has immense contempt for this being.