Dragon Ball Super #90 discovers Trunks’ biggest secret in the manga

Shueisha has published #90 of the Dragon Ball Super manga and the surprises, although there are not many. The stories are heading towards what happened in the Super Hero movie, so we await more details on how Gohan does to reach his Beast transformation (Beast).

We expected a little more from Trunks and Goten, who stood out as the great protagonists of this arc. But hey, let’s not be disappointed yet. Perhaps the Dragon Ball people have prepared a surprise for us in reference to this pair of young Saiyans.

The truth is that in the 90th episode of the manga, one of the biggest secrets that Trunks kept in this arc has been revealed.

The first changes in this saga show us the new threat: Dr. Hedo making androids from corpses in the cemetery. The end of him, in principle, is not evil. He runs this practice so that they work for him and thus raise money for his research.

Still without the malice to dominate the planet, Dr. Hero follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, Dr. Gero of the Red Patrol, by building powerful androids.

trunks secret

In this same line of the stories, Trunks and Goten begin to be useful to the planet and just like Gohan does when he goes to school, they are sent to make Saiyaman costumes to be superheroes protecting their identity.

Trunks thinks he has the secret well kept until #90, which revealed that Mai had already identified him in an encounter they had in the previous chapter.

Mai, seeing that they find Dr. Hedo and he escapes, says to Trunks: “You are Saiyaman X1, right?” The simple question leaves Vegeta’s son puzzled, since he also has a crush on the member of Emperor Pilaf’s group.

At the end of this dialogue, Mai clarifies to Trunks that she never confused him with her future self, whom they met during the Goku Black arc, when they were both children (well, she had that appearance because of the failed wish for the dragon balls ).

Mai Dragon Ball Super 90

Mai Dragon Ball Super 90

Dragon Ball Super #90 is now online. You can read it by entering this link.