Dragon Ball Super Clarifies Where the GT Intermediate Dinosaur Comes From

In a very hidden way, Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro are turning some Dragon Ball GT characters into canon.

They do it with characterizations that are somewhat inconsequential, but that is a kind of message to the fans that the official continuation of Dragon Ball Z is being taken into account by Toei Animation.

Will we one day see Baby, the Super Saiyan 4, the destroying dragons of the universe? We don’t know, but details like the dinosaur that appeared in the intermission of Dragon Ball GT are coming little by little.

He was less than a secondary character, but he always appeared with some situation close to sketches. Now, he begins to form part of the canon thanks to an appearance in episode 88 of Dragon Ball Super, according to a review. Alpha Beta Play.

Where does the Dragon Ball GT dinosaur come from?

As shown in the images of the Dragon Ball Super manga, the dinosaur appears when Trunks, under his Saiyaman 1 costume, meets his grandparents: Dr. Briefs and his wife. They both have that dinosaur as a pet, just before it grows up to how we see it in GT.

It’s not crucial to the stories, but it does make us think that a future with GT-related issues is ahead. It would be crazy to think about it right away, but perhaps other Dragon Ball spin-offs will add to Toyotaro’s considerations, overall the greatest illustrator of Akira Toriyama’s work comes from that manga/anime area.