Dragon Ball Super Makes Teenage Goten’s First Super Saiyan Transformation Appear

The most recent episode of the Dragon Ball Super manga, #90, came to answer several questions about the future of the arc that Toyotaro develops with the blessing of Akira Toriyama.

For the first time in history, a manga will make the events of a franchise film canon. This is how it was revealed that the next thing we will see in the stories will be the adventures of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, obviously much more detailed.

While that is happening Trunks and Goten serve as heroes in the Western Capital. Wearing Saiyaman suits, similar to the ones Gohan used at the time, they try to stop the criminal events in the city. It was in this way that they detected the actions of Dr. Hedo.

The grandson of Dr. Gero, historical scientist of the Red Patrol, make androids from corpses in the city.

So, with the help of Krillin, the two young Saiyans saved the day to imprison the one who will soon work with the remaining vestiges of the organization also known as the Ribbon Army. Red.

Teenage Goten in Super Saiyan

In this recent episode things got intense and there was a villain who had a fighting power that could be considered dangerous compared to the common threats of the Western Capital.

In this way, the two young men transformed into Super Saiyans. That reveals Goten’s appearance under this transformation at this age, since he already changed his hair that as a child looked identical to his father’s.