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Dream legs!  Kim Kardashian wears transparent stockings (AFP)

Dream legs! Kim Kardashian wears transparent stockings | .

The pretty businesswoman and social media star Kim kardashian shared a new post where he’s promoting in just two Photos her new line of SKIMS tights with which she wore dreamy legs because she herself is the model of their products so she has to show them and the way she did it surely managed to steal some glances.

Despite the problems of the last few days in which Kim Kardashian has been involved, it does not prevent her from continuing with her business as if nothing was happening, it is something that she does quite well not only to her but to her entire family, this because each one of the members of the clan is a celebrity.

Although it is not the first time that Kylie Jenner’s beautiful older sister has divorced, it is the most recent rumor that has been heard, since they admit that she is already separated from her husband Kanye west many people claim that it was their own Kim kardashian who asked for a divorce and although it is not the first time this time the scandal was quite big because they both have 4 children together and not only that, there are those who claim that he was unfaithful with Jeffree Star the makeup guru.

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As it is already usual among the Kardashian Jenner family to live surrounded by scandals, they know very well how to handle the press and also social networks, so they try to minimize the damage they have caused so far.

In both images we can see her sitting on the floor, wearing two of the four colors that she will handle in her stockings, in the first image she has her legs stretched out and dark stockings, she is wearing a top so her stockings look pretty, in the second The image is seen with her legs gathered and lighter stockings.


It is because of that Kim kardashian concentrates on what she can do best, promote her products and care for her children, it is precisely for this reason that Kim continues to publish content on Instagram as if it were any other day, focused on her own business such as her new line that is next to launch:

LAUNCH JANUARY 14: @SKIMS Hosiery. We’re changing the game and launching gravity-defying tights and hoisery solutions that sculpt, smooth, and never lose their shape. Launching in 4 colors, 4 styles and sizes XXS – 4X on Thursday, January 14 at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET exclusively on SKIMS.COM. Join the waiting list now for early access to shop, “wrote Kim.

This publication was made on January 11, from one day to the next it already has more than 4 million likes and about 21 thousand comments, among which those that refer to her beauty and how pretty she looks, several Internet users stand out. They say that being single has benefited her that she looks much better than before, others say that she does not look so much like her, perhaps they see her a little differently.

Currently the businesswoman, model and personality of social networks Kim kardashian It has become a benchmark of beauty and voluptuousness, clearly it is not the only celebrity personality that has great curves, however it could be said that it was she who imposed this new fashion that today is more common than we think.

Kim Kardashian is also a fashion icon, she is one of those characters who, although apparently not doing much, immediately becomes a trend, she is loved and hated by many, however, she is always on everyone’s lips.

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