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After a long wait, Persona 5 Strikers is a few weeks away from debuting in America. Given the success that Persona has had in the region in recent years, many wonder what was the reason why this location took so long. The answer? It is the fault of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Recently, Cassadnra Lee Morris, who is in charge of voicing Morgana, uploaded a video to YouTube where she talks with Erika Harlacher, who plays Ann. One of the topics they touched on was the location of Persona 5 Strikers, a title that arrived in Japan in February 2020 and its debut in America will be until a year later.

In the conversation, Harlacher confirmed that the intention is for the recording of the English version of Persona 5 Strikers to begin in April 2020. That said, it was at that time that the lockdown began in various parts of the world, delaying the location .

Faced with the pandemic, they had to find another solution to locate Persona 5 Strikers

The production team was hopeful that the lockdown would last a couple of weeks and that it was a matter of days before they could come to the studio to work. Unfortunately, that did not happen and locators had to look for alternatives.

What did they do? They sent microphones and recording equipment to the voice actors so they could record their lines remotely. Then the audio engineers were in charge of making the final mix from their homes.

As you can see, this caused a delay in locating Persona 5 Strikers. How much of an impact it had on its release date is unknown, but now we know why it took so long to give information about its release in America.

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Persona 5 Strikers will arrive on February 23, 2021 to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can find out more about this release by clicking here.

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