Dulce María’s baby was born

Dulce María's baby is already born: Look here her first photo [FOTO]


Dulce María announced the birth of her first-born María Paula.

Dulce María is happier than ever with the birth of her first-born María Paula, the fruit of her consolidated marriage to the Mexican filmmaker Paco Álvarez. The Mexican actress and singer announced the arrival of her baby through an emotional publication on the Instagram platform.

“There are no words that can express everything I feel… First, infinite thanks to God for letting us experience the greatest miracle of life, the greatest gift from God, the expression of our immense love… a transforming experience, your life will be It divides into a before and after, you don’t know how much you can hold, but for love you make yourself stronger, ”the star explained on her Instagram profile.

The interpreter stressed that she will do everything possible to be the best in this new facet as a mother: “María Paula we love you with all our being. I promise to do everything in me to be the best mom for you, my beautiful star. We love you”.

In the snapshot she released on Instagram, Dulce María and her husband Paco Álvarez join hands with that of their little and newborn daughter María Paula.

Through his official profile on Instagram, Paco Álvarez also dedicated a very special message to his first-born: “We were eagerly waiting for you and you can be sure, my little María Paula, that you come from a huge and true love between your mother and I and that each of the days to come, I will do everything so that you are happy and you can always smile ”.

Among the personalities who reacted to the publication of Dulce María, Anahí and Alfonso Herrera, members of the extinct Mexican group RBD, stand out:

“Welcome baby !!! We love you all your uncles !!! and to the most beautiful and brave mom many congratulations !!!!! God bless you, ”said Anahí.

“Congratulations squirrel! Welcome! A big hug to the three! “, Herrera pointed out.

Dulce María: When did you announce your pregnancy?

At the beginning of June 2020, Dulce María surprised all her followers on the Instagram platform with the unexpected news of her first pregnancy.

The publication of the star had more than 1.4 million “Likes” and around 49 thousand comments of congratulations from fans from different latitudes of the world.

“In the midst of so much chaos and uncertainty in the world, @pacoalvarezv and I want to share news that fills us with love, happiness and gratitude. The miracle of life always finds a way to manifest itself. Yes! Now I am pregnant! We are going to be parents! and we are immensely happy, starting a new stage and waiting with all the love for our baby ”, assured the 34-year-old Mexican singer.

Dulce María and Paco Álvarez: When did they join their lives in marriage?

Dulce María and Paco Álvarez vowed eternal love in a very intimate and romantic ceremony that was held at the beginning of November 2019 in Morelos, Mexico. The couple decided to unite their lives in holy matrimony after three years of dating.

The Dulce María and Paco Álvarez ceremony was held in an outdoor party room in the town of Tequesquitengo in Morelos, and was attended by only 250 guests.

Personalities such as Anahí, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera and Christian Chavez were the great absentees at Dulce María’s wedding. However, actresses like Zoraida Gómez and Marifer ‘Fuzz’ Malo were present.

Dulce María refused to be part of the “RBD” reunion due to her pregnancy

Will Dulce María participate in the RBD reunion? | A New Day | TelemundoOfficial video of Un Nuevo Día. The singer Dulce María explains the possibilities of her participation in the RBD reunion on October 4, as announced by her former partner Anahí. Download our App: YouTube: Website: Facebook: https: //www.Facebook .com / UnNuevoDia Twitter:!/UnNuevoDia SUBSCRIBE: Un Nuevo Día: It is an entertainment program …2020-09-28T18: 11: 00Z

In the month of September of this 2020, Dulce María decided to end the series of rumors in relation to her absence in the long-awaited reunion of the Mexican group “RBD” that is scheduled to take place this December.

In an interview with the Telemundo show “Un Nuevo Día”, the actress assured that she was completely focused on her pregnancy and it was impossible to be part of the historic concert that was being organized.

“Right now, no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t be 100 in something as important as a reunion, so right now not because I’m close to giving birth and then postpartum comes. For me it is not a time to be able to surrender to that and less in a pandemic that is a lot of risk, “said Dulce María.

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