During his first meeting since the presidential election, D. Trump insists on his victory – .

Donald Trump persists and signs: he won against Joe Biden, hammering that the presidential election was rigged by the Democrats.

On the move in Georgia

On the sidelines of his first campaign meeting since the US presidential election, Donald trump insisted on the evening of Saturday 5 December in Georgia that he was going to win. He had come to support 2 outgoing Republican senators who will face a double by-election on January 5.

Namely, as noted France Info with the French Press: the majority of the American Senate and therefore the balance of power to Washington when Joe biden will move into the Oval Office on January 20.

According to D. Trump, if these senators, Kelly loeffler and David Perdue, “do not win, nothing can stop” the Democrats, and “you have no idea how bad it will go “.

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“We are winning this election”

Donald trump persists in front of some hundred supporters: “we are winning this election”. “They will try to convince us that we have lost. We have not lost”, hammers the billionaire by insisting that the election was rigged.

Despite all of his fraud accusations, US courts have dismissed a number of legal actions brought by his lawyers across all United States.

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