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Kiko Rivera launches a new look and her fans have noticed a detail

With the energy and enthusiasm that characterizes him, Kiko Rivera has resumed some of the projects that had been put on hold due to the pandemic. They have been very complicated months in which, like other colleagues in the profession, he has been forced to postpone the plans he had on his agenda, however, little by little he is returning to normality. “With this new look we are going to record the video for Cicatriz”, he has told on his social networks, announcing that he has changed his image to go back to being in front of the cameras. The 36-year-old DJ has once again trusted the professionals at Jacinto’s Peluquero, in Seville, and this is the end result. What do you think? SEE GALLERYKiko has asked her fans if they like it and, as expected, they have sent her hundreds of comments giving their opinion about it. “What a change!”, “Your mustache and goatee stick a lot”, “You look younger”, “What a flow”, “Nothing like the natural and who doesn’t like it … don’t look at it”, “Well I like it better with a beard “,” You’re old with those gray hair! “,” The change of look suits you “,” Better this way, you’re more Rivera “… are some of the messages that can be read in your post. In addition, they have told him that they are looking forward to seeing his new video clip: “Good luck with Cicatriz!”, “Keep fighting, you are a warrior!”, “I hope everything turns out well, you deserve it” .- Kiko Rivera gives a step further in the legal battle for his father’s inheritance Isabel Pantoja’s son has said goodbye to his characteristic dark beard to show off a grayer goatee, and the truth is that his followers have realized that it is not the only thing he has done. changed in it. “I’m glad to see you so good”, “I notice you differently”, “You are changed”, “Have you lost weight? You are getting very handsome”, “I like this new Kiko”, they have commented. VIEW GALLERY His greatest support in difficult timesWhile professionally life continues to smile at him, personally Kiko Rivera is going through very difficult times. His confrontation with Isabel Pantoja over his father’s inheritance continues to give a lot to talk about and it is that the legacy of Paquirri, who died in 1984, has unleashed a harsh conflict between them. “Gentlemen, I am not the villain of this pitiful film. I am just someone whom the person I most idolized has failed me in an irreparable way, deceiving me all my life,” wrote Kiko, who has already announced his decision to review the will of his father to check if there were any irregularities. His wife, Irene Rosales, and his children have become his greatest support and are always by his side when he needs them most. This weekend we have seen them enjoying family time, giving us the most sympathetic images of Ana and Carlota, dancing one of their favorite songs. – Irene Rosales regains her smile thanks to her daughters and the occurrences of Kiko Rivera

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