Earthquake : This Alaska highway was destroyed by the earthquake; 4 days later it was like new – .

Earthquake :

(.) – Alaska’s highway repair crews are the envy of the continental United States for how quickly they worked to fix a highway that was wrecked by the 7.0-magnitude quake that struck the state Friday.

An access ramp connecting the highway to the international airport with Minnesota Drive in Anchorage collapsed in the earthquake, causing a hole so large that a van that fell into it looked like a toy.

Before and after photos of the damaged road, shared on Facebook on Tuesday, show how quickly the repairs were carried out. The remaining pieces of the road are no longer there, the hole was filled, the road was paved and the transit lines were painted.

All that work took less than four days.

The post went viral as people across the United States wondered why their cities and states couldn’t repair the potholes in their streets.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities said it is difficult to pave the streets at this time of year due to the cold temperatures, but they can do it.

Authorities inspect the 243 bridges that were affected by the earthquake, but so far have found no structural damage.

The federal government released $ 5 million of emergency funds on Saturday so that short-term repairs could begin as soon as possible.

There is still much to do in Alaska. Authorities have identified 50 state infrastructure locations that need repair.

Meanwhile, they have asked Alaska citizens not to take selfies in the rubble.