Eastern Mediterranean: Erdogan calls for a “win-win formula”

“I call on all of our neighbors and residents of the Mediterranean, in particular Greece, not to see this issue as a zero-sum game,” Erdogan said in a video message released on Monday. “I am convinced that a win-win formula preserving the rights of each party could be found,” he added.

Sanctions against Ankara are on the agenda of the European summit on December 10, due to gas exploration work carried out by Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean in maritime areas disputed with Greece and Cyprus.

The European Union on Friday condemned the continuation of “unilateral acts” and “hostile rhetoric” on the part of Turkey, but remains at this stage divided on how to sanction such behavior.

Tensions between Athens and Ankara escalated with Turkey’s August deployment of the ship Oruç Reis, escorted by warships, to explore off the Greek island of Kastellorizo, two kilometers off the Turkish coast. . Ankara announced at the end of November the return to the port of the Oruc Reis.

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