EDEM School of Entrepreneurs expands its training offer for the 2020-2021 academic year

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EDEM redoubles the 2020-2021 academic year its commitment to the training of entrepreneurs, managers, engineers and entrepreneurs of today and the future. In addition to reinforcing its two degrees, the ADE Degree in Business Creation and Management and the Degree in Engineering and Business Management, introduces a new master program, creates a fully online training line, and reinforces the range of programs in the Executive Education area.

Within the EDEM masters, the next course starts the first edition of the new Master in Finance. The program gathers the general and specific knowledge of the financial area, but also teaches the use of tools and enhances the development of professional skills. Your students can specialize in two areas: financial management or capital markets.

And is that specialization is a booming value. For this reason, EDEM offers the SAP Master, which stands out for its training in retail and which trains future SAP consultants, a profile with high demand and, therefore, well remunerated. The program allows students to obtain the official and international certification of SAP Sales and Distribution Consultant, Certified Application Associate in SAP S / 4HANA Sales 1610, the new version of a real-time business resource management software for digital businesses of the multinational German.

On the other hand, in the Master in Digital Marketing, a reference in Valencia and of a marked practical nature, students specialize in a field with great job prospects. Students will learn from specialist professions working in digital marketing in their day to day and they deal with the most important areas in this area: strategy; analytics; client management, SEO and SEM; social networks; usability; and risk management.

Executive education

For those interested in an MBA in Valencia, EDEM has the modular Executive MBA, a program that adapts to the student’s agenda and which consists of four courses that address the main areas of the company plus a specialized one. For its part, the EMBA in weekend format adds a new specialization next year: Digital Business joins those of Marketing and Finance.

In addition, due to the confinement and the increased demand for online courses, EDEM has created an online line for those interested in training in the technological area (Tech Management) from a practical perspective. This is the case of the Lean Management course, the way to identify your client’s needs, generate innovative solutions and validate quickly.

Likewise, this new line has Product Analytics, to learn how to use data to make decisions about a product, its design and business; Agile Management, where to know how to develop projects in an agile way, manage teams and lighten processes; and Digital Project Management, aimed at professionals who manage technical projects and need to coordinate with CTOs, development teams or a technology provider.

EDEM’s infrastructure is updated with the latest technology to be able to face situations such as the one generated with the Covid-19. EDEM is part, together with the Accelerator Lanzadera and the investment company Angels, of Marina de Empresas, an initiative of Juan Roig located in the Marina of Valencia that has the mission of training, advising and financing the entrepreneurs of today and the future and that it constitutes a commitment to the creation of wealth, employment and the promotion of the culture of entrepreneurship.

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