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The charity ‘Save the Children’ appealed for children in poor countries to return to school, closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Greater urgency

The pandemic of coronavirus has disrupted the education of millions of children around the world. Several schools, especially in poor countries, have had to close their doors until today. Tuesday January 12, the charity ‘Save the Children‘warned of the risk of “a lost generatione “, note Le Figaro.
She therefore called for the mobilization of international donors to send children from poor countries back to schools. According to its CEO Inger Ashing, it is currently the “greatest educational emergency we have ever seen“.

Almost 41 billion euros

The organization disseminated research covering the 59 poorest countries in the world, including Uganda, Syria and Yemen.
She thus estimated that the total cost for the 136 million children concerned would be 50 billion dollars (nearly 41 billion euros), or 370 dollars (about 300 euros) per student.
This amount is necessary for the reopening of schools, cover financial support for families so that they can send their children to school. The money could also guarantee hygiene measures, safety training for teachers and national campaigns to encourage children to return to school.

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Many times, ‘Save the Children‘, based in London, called for action to help children stay in school despite pandemic again coronavirus. The NGO continued to urge international donors to help governments raise the necessary sum. The organization said the poorest and most marginalized such as girls, refugees, displaced children and children with disabilities should be prioritized.

According to the statements ofInger Ashing, the children who are currently out of school are future doctors, scientists, truck drivers and plumbers. “If 2020 was the year of vaccine discovery, 2021 must be the year of investing in children’s futures“, she meant.

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